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Pressure Calibration System

For meters and sensors used in biomedical, laboratory and environmental applications

Key Features
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Complete ready to go solution
Automated pressure generation
Disconnectable internal reference sensors

Pressure Generation

The LabCon-UPHD-Module generates the pressure needed in the calibration of reference meters and sensors.

Range from -600 to 1800 mmHg

Reference Sensors

The UPHD-Module has two internal reference sensors with different ranges. The sensors can easily removed for annual calibration.

Control Software

The software allows to select the pressure and provides messages with the status of the calibration process.





Calibration Equipment Pressure


Flexibility of LabCon-UPHD module

Removable Reference sensors makes the annual calibration easy.

Switched outlets for compressor and vacuum pump.
This is useful if the pumps have no automatic pressure shutdown. The particular socket is turned on/off by the LabCon-UPHD software as necessary.

The black connector delivers two switched 24 VDC signals.  These can be used as the switched outlets for supply of compressor and vacuum pump. The pump module LabCon-UPPH is using these signals and can directly connected.

Technical Data
LabCon-UPHD-Module   Positive Pressure Inlet  

min. 2,5bar (1875 mmHg)
max. 3 bar  (2250 mmHg

    Negative Pressure Inlet   min. - 820 mbar (-615 mmHg)
    Operating range   -600 mmHg to 1800 mmHg
    Connectors Pressure Front   Colder PMC
    Connectors Pressure Rear  

One-Touch fitting 6/8 mm
Suitable for use with tubing material: FEP, PFA, Nylon, Polyurethane

    Interface   USB  
    Power supply  

90....264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
max. 150 W

max. 1200 W, if external pumps are connected at socket outlets

    Dimensions and weight   30 x 31 x 27 cm (W x H x D)
5,9 Kg without accessories
LabCon-UPPH-Module   Positive Pressure Pump   2,8 bar
    Negative Pressure Pump   -820 mbar
    Power supply  

Bulgin PX413 Connector 2 x 24 VDC, max. 2A

    Dimensions and weight   30 x 13 x 27 cm (W x H x D)
3,9 Kg without accessories
Pressure Reference 1   Model   HDU-PRH15-R
    Range   - 12 to 15 psi
-0.85 to 1 bar
-650 to +775 mmHg
    Resolution   0.01 mmHg
    Accuracy   General 0.03% full scale
0 to 300 mmHg 0.2 mmHg,
    Interface   RS485  
    Power supply   Via USB-Interface
    Certificate   DKD calibrated for high accuracy
Pressure Reference 2   Model   HDU-PRH50-R
    Range   -12 to 50 psi
-0.85 to 3,5 bar
-650 to 2600 mmHg
    Resolution   0.01 mmHg
    Accuracy   General 0.03% full scale
    Interface   RS485
    Power supply   Via USB-Interface
    Certificate   DKD calibrated for high accuracy
Environmental conditions   For all devices above   Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 40C
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 80C
Operating and Storage Humidity: 85% max
relative humidity non-condensing
from 0 to 50C
Control PC   Required Operation System   Windows 7
    Required Interface   USB 2.0
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