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Frequently Asked Questions
What are typical applications for the LabCon-C product range?

The LabCon-C product range was developed primarily for the calibration of reference meters used in Hemodialysis.
Generally the LabCon-C range can be used to calibrate
meters and sensors used in biomedical, laboratory and environmental applications.

We wish to calibrate technicians' dialysis meters. Is it possible to calibrate any brand of meter?

Yes, all brands of meters in the market can be calibrated.

  What are the environmental conditions to calibrate dialysis technician meters?

Environmental Conditions



(23 3) C

Relative humidity

(50 20) %

Direct sunlight


Heat build up

To be avoided

Air movement

Movement to be avoided



  Will a dedicated room be required and if so, how must the room be prepared?

First of all, the room will need to facilitate the environmental conditions stated above.
For cleaning, disinfection and decalcification of incoming meters, a separate area should be allocated.
A table of 160 x 80 cm dimension will be sufficient. A sink would also be recommended.

For the calibration of each parameter such as Temperature/Conductivity, Pressure and Flow, a table of 160 x 80 cm dimension is needed.
For calibrating Temperature and Conductivity parameters, deionized water would be required. It is advisable to have access to water and a sink near by.

  What are the personnel requirements for calibrating dialysis reference meters?

Ideally a technician with hemodialysis training and quality management background. 

  What consumables will be required?

For the cleaning, disinfection and decalcification of incoming meters, a surface disinfection solution and citric acid are needed.
For the automatic production of conductivity reference solution, Sodium Chloride in a
purified quality and purified water are all that are needed.

How often must reference sensors of the LabCon-C system be recalibrated and what are the costs to do this?

The following sensors must be recalibrated once per year.








Pressure low range


Pressure high range




The cost for each sensor is approximately 600 Euro.

How often must the Flow reference sensor of the LabCon-C system be recalibrated?

The sensor must be recalibrated annually. This can be done on site with the calibration flask provided with the system.

  How do you train us?
  We come to your facility to both install the equipment and train your personnel.
Installation as well as training for a complete calibration lab will take about a week.
Along with training you also receive detailed documentation including calibration background,
step by step calibration descriptions and forms for documentation and calibration certificates.
All staff participating will receive a certificate of attendance.

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