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HDU-Sensor Common Details


Hook & Mechanical Interface
HDU-CDTP and HDU-PR sensors come equipped
with a hook which allows the sensor to be hung.

The outer diameter of all the sensors are identical.


HDU-CDTP and HDU-PR sensors feature a mechanical interface which
allows the user to connect the sensor to different adapters e.g flow
through and panel mount adapters.
For more details see the accessories.

USB Interface        

Article No: 31.0485.20 
  The RS485-Interface can be converted
to a USB-Interface type A or C.
HDU-Sensor cable USB-A, 1.8 meter
  Article No: 31.0485.20 
HDU-Sensor cable USB-C, 1.8 meter
Article No: 31.0485.31 

Please ensure that you order the correct interface cable suitable for the sensor you are using.

Communication Protocol
         The RS485- and USB-Bus communication protocol is based on
an easy to understand ASCII protocol.
LabView programmer VI's are available.
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