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SmartHDM on Android OS powered devices

Opening a new world of hardware opportunities

Huge selection of Android devices such as tablet's and phone's
To connect HDU-Sensors we offer USB-Cables type A and C
SmartHDM software works with Android 7.0 and higher


In general any type of Android device can be used to run the SmartHDM software. We reccomend devices with Android version higher than  7.0. Another important function the Android device should support is USB On-The-Go. USB On-The-Go, often abbreviated to USB OTG or just OTG, is a specification that allows USB devices, such as tablets or smartphones, to act as a host, allowing other USB devices, such as the HDU-Sensors, to be attached to them so the sensors can draw enough power to support the use.
The device must support

Minimum 3GB RAM              

USB must be USB-C type


IBP-Devices for different requirements

HDC64 - very robust phone,

4 USB-Ports for sensors, modules and interfaces,
Huge 10.000 mAh battery,
Perfect to work for 24 hours and more.

HDC84 - very robust tablet,

4 USB-Ports for sensors, modules and interfaces,
Huge 8.000 mAh battery,
Perfect to work for 20 hours and more.

Biotech-Lab on Android OS
Recommended devices

The following Android device have been
testet and work perfectly with SmartHDM.

Samsung S8   Works perfect.

Samsung Note 8 & 9    Absolute amazing with this size of screen.

BlackBerry   Works perfect.
Not recommended devices

The following Android devices show problems and
are not recommeded in conjunction with SmartHDM.

All mobile models of
  Due too extreme power saving management the
devices switch off the activities of APP's once
the screen is switched off.

This terminates the data aquistion of SmartHDM.

Lenovo Tablet TB-7504F   Has problems to show the measuring list properly.

Please share your experience with us.

Android is a registered trademark of Google LLC
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