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FDA cleared product family of modules and sensors designed
for the service of hemodialysis machines
New Concept

The SmartHDM-510 system is a new approach to combine a family of intelligent sensors and sensor-modules with a smart Android device for installation and maintenace of hemodialysis machines. The SmartHDM-510 system has features that will change your expectation of the measuring systems completely. The system is cleared by the FDA.

The first tablet based dialysis technician meter

  Android powered display units with four USB-A-Interfaces for sensors
  Range of sensors and measuring modules
  Shows measured values in numerical form or tap to show a graphical display over time
  Customizable sensor view; names, colors or the size of the displayed values
  Helpful functions such as pressure change measurement
  Data acquisition
  Data export
    and much more...

SmartHDM System
New Concept

SmartHDM-510 is a new approach combining a family of intelligent sensors, measuring modules and a smart handheld device for testing and quality control of medical devices. The product line combines more than 40 years of experience in innovative measuring device development.

Advanced Features

HDM19 Sensor Modules are Bluetooth enabled, allowing the user to use one or more sensor modules at the same time without the need for cords.
  Customizableand Backwards Compatible

The SmartHDM-510 System is modular and allowsthe use of any combination of IBP Medical and Mesa Laboratories sensors to easure Conductivity, Pressure, pH, Temperature and Flow. 90XL users can use their existing sensors to connect to the SmartHDM-510 display with the use of a special interface cable.

The SmartHDM-510 system was designed with the needs of a dialysis technician in mind.
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