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Features you will find on IBP meters only
Innovative, high accuracy conductivity measurement

IBP utilise modern state of the art technology in our reference meters and sensors. We use 4 pole electrode in carbon plastic for conductivity measurement. This technology gives no polarization effects and results in an absolutely linear and stable function over years of use.

The electrode is multifunctional and may be used as a flow through electrode on dialysis machines as well as a dip electrode for measuring reverse osmosis water in a container.

The integrated pressure connector closes automatically. This feature enables the measurement of dialysate pressure without any additional adapters.




By brand name selectable temperature coefficient
For high accuracy conductivity measurement, IBP Dialysis Reference Meters offer brand name selectable temperature compensation coefficients for different dialysis machines and water treatment systems.

List of conductivity/temperature coefficients selectable on all our meters.




To use for
BAXTER Baxter (Europe Dialysis-Machine)
FRESENI Fresenius
GAMBRO Gambro - AK-Type and Phoenix Machine
NIK ALL Nikkiso Overall Conductivity
NIK BIC Nikkiso Bicarbonate Conductivity
STANDARD Other Dialysis Machines
USER TC Adjustable by user
nLF-ISO Non Linear Function for tap, purified and waste water.
According Standard  ISO7888 DINEN27888
RO-DWA Reverse Osmosis DWA
DWA GmbH & Co. KG
RO-HERCO Reverse Osmosis Herco
Herco Wassertechnik GmbH
RO-LAUER Reverse Osmosis Lauer
RO-PPW Reverse Osmosis PPW
Phoenix Pure Water GmbH
  More to follow

For more details on conductivity temperature compensation read this.
High accuracy pressure measuring  

IBP offers a calibration set
according to EN1060.

The HDM97BM (and via option for all meters) feature very high resolution and accuracy in pressure measurement. This high level of accuracy allows the calibration of blood pressure measuring in accordance with
EN1060 standard.

Resolution: 0.01 mmHg
Accuracy: 0 ... 300 mmHg 0.5 mmHg,
Data Acqusition with HDM97Pocket  

IBP's software 'IBPView' provides the user with a graphic display of the measuring results viewable on any PC and allows for graphing, time plotting, and other helpful features.

Pressure measurement at Fresenius machines  

For pressure measurement at Fresenius machines we offer an adapter.

HDM97BQ measures the flow  

HDM97BQ allow flow measuring. This feature can be used to calibrate the blood pump as well. The dialyser lines can be connected directly to the probe.

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