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Opening a new world of measuring opportunities
Runs on Android 6.0 and higher
Different display mode for measuring values
Data Acquisition
Intuitive handling
Class changing features
SmartHDM is downloadable from the Google store

Changing  class expectation

The SmartHDM software is specially tailored to the requirements for the maintenance of medical devices.
The main difference to software from previous measuring devices is that the development of the app
does not stop with the market launch, but continues to evolve dynamically. The software is automatically
kept up to date by the Android operating system. The SmartHDM software has features that will change
your expectation of the dialysis reference meters totally.

Display Modes

Various measured value displays always allow a perfect representation of the measured values.
A special highlight is the representation of the Pareto distribution for measured values.
This allows the stability of a measurement channel to be assessed.

Standard display mode One channel
with graphic
The Pareto distribution
allows an assessment of
the measured value stability
Graphic Display
Special Functions

The SmartHDM software has several functions specifically designed for
the service and maintenance of medical devices including hemodialysis machines.

compensation selectable by
dialysis machine brand name
Change Measurement
Calculation module allows
the calculation of sensor
values with any formula.
A calculation module is
integrated into the system
like a sensor.
  The screen picures can be zoomed.

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