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IBPView 2.0

Data Acquisition Software for HDM97
IBPView is a data acquisition software, which allows the user to record and plot measured values obtained using the HDM97 in real-time. The measuring values are transmitted via USB interface of the meter.

Gathering data with dialysis machines has never been easier. For example, diagrams can arranged on one or more pages if required. Plot options like pen width or pen color can also be used to create perfectly styled diagrams.

IBPView records and plots your measurement values in real-time. The sample rate can vary from 5 ms, all the way up to 30 min. There is no limit in the duration of the measurement. You can even display several curves with the same plotter. Each curve can have their own Y-axis or all curves can have the same Y-axis.

IBPView allows you to use several plotters side by side, one below the other or spread over several pages. The colours and design the plotter outputs are user selectable, helping you to create clearly arranged measurements.

You can zoom in on any region of a completed curve. Simply by the click of a mouse you can zoom deep in to or out of the curve(s). Special zoom functions make it easy to show the optimal range.


The Functions in Detail

Special zoom functions...

With these special zoom functions you can obtain optimum display ranges for your curves with just one click.
Curves - Channels

Every curve corresponds to a channel in the plotter.
You can create settings for the channel in a clearly arranged, logical dialogue. Each channel will then be assigned to one single hardware-input. You can set the colour, width, unit of measurement and the name of the channel. The unit also provides you with an auto-adjustment function to give a readable value, for example 1,23 mV instead of 0,00123 v.
A channel can even get its values from other channels as well as from a real hardware-device, enabling you to create for example, a power curve as a multiplication of two other channels.


IBPView also gives you the chance to preview before printing.
The preview window shows the diagram of the currently selected plot, you can then position the diagram to the way you want it to be printed. Any change to the print parameters will be visible immediately in the preview. You can even add comments to the printout.
The “Endless-form” option, lets you make a printout of long curves over several pages.


Channel List

Every plotter displays a channel list on the left hand side. Here you can add or delete channels, show or hide single channels or edit properties of each channel.
At the top of the channel list the current sample rate and display rate are shown, both can be adjusted.
You can show or hide the live-display, which shows you the current value for each channel.
You can also switch between one single Y-axis, or separate Y-axes for each channel.


With the Pause-button you can freeze and analyse your curves while the recording is running. This is useful if you wish to stop and zoom in to interesting sections, measure special regions etc. Don't worry, the recording will still be running unhindered in the background. Clicking the pause button a second time will resume displaying real-time information.

Setting markers makes it easy to read the differential values of a plot, or to determine the amplitude, period, or even the integral parts of a sampled signal.


With the help of markers, you can examine curves very accurately. Set the marker to show any section you wish, N.B- differential values in X and Y direction are always displayed.

Automatic Functions

With automatic functions you can start, stop and save your measurements automatically. You can define a threshold value then the plotter will begin automatically whenever these set values are reached. You can set the measurement duration and the plotter will automatically stop after this period is complete. After that, the measurement can be saved and restarted automatically. With these features, you may split a long-term measurement into several hours or days.


IBPView allows exported measure data to be used with other applications like MS-Excel etc. A text file is output, which can then be imported and processed by other applications.
The export dialogue offers several format options. The preview shows the first three rows of exported data as they appear in the written text file.

Other IBP Meters

IBPView is also compatible with the HDM90, HDM96 and HDM99 meters. The older HDM97 meter is not compatible with IBPView.

Other Hardware

Besides the HDM meters, IBPView also allow you to integrate different digital multimeters (equipped with USB or RS232 interface) into the measurement.


IBPView is compatible with Windows XP and Vista.


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