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Product family of Reference Meters for medical applications
Conductivity Conductivity
Temperature Temperature
Pressure Pressure

Medical devices
require reliability and accuracy

Medical applications like Hemodialysis call for high reliability and extreme accuracy.
The HDM97
Pocket reference meters fulfil the need for high accuracy and reliability, whether it be for taking conductivity, temperature or pressure readings. The device has been developed by specialists and is the result of nearly 40 years of know-how and experience.
An intelligent product using innovative and intelligent technology, delivering great value.


The HDM97
Pocket product family gives you the chance to select the version of meter that fits your needs. Whether you prefer all values in one meter or different meters for different functions, with the HDM97Pocket meter family, the choice is yours.

Advanced technology

Advanced technology combined with rigorously developed and tested software results in a completely new type of measuring instrument. The end results are features on a level of accuracy not achievable with other units.
To achieve the highest conductivity measurement accuracy possible, the conductivity temperature coefficient is selectable by dialysis machine manufacturer. A rechargeable Li-Ion-Polymer battery with intelligent power management provides enough power for the meter to run continuously for more than 200 hours!

Details technicians are looking for

The guiding principle in the development of the
HDM97Pocket family was: “What are the daily needs of busy technicians?”.
Our answer? To provide innovative features and attention to detail only to be found in IBP reference meters. For example, a Multifunctional Conductivity probe, long term data acquisition and pressure drop measurement mode are features technicians are looking for and are provided with our meters.


The HDM97
Pocket meters are produced under a quality management system (ISO 13485:2003). IBP dialysis reference meters are the only meters registered as medical devices in Europe. We offer an annual calibration service with certification in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard.






To see an example of
a  complete system.



All HDM97
Pocket meters feature a USB interface for hassle
free, easy connectivity to a personal computer.
The IBPView software allows the user to collect data taken
from measurements with the HDM97
Pocket meters and display
it visually for later on.


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