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Reference Meters for the Service and Calibration of Hemodialysis Machines


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Innovative Details


In using for hemodialysis, the meters can be used with any brand of dialysis machine.
Conductivity Measurement Years of experience with modern design and testing have proven that our 4-pole
electrode in carbon plastic technology provides superior performance.
This provides reliable, stable and linear results for conductivity measurement.

IBP is the only manufacturer of dialysis reference meters using 4-pole electrode
construction for conductivity measurement.

Also features facility for conductivity measurement of RO water.
The electrode is intrinsically tied to the meter and therefore cannot be misplaced.

Conductivity Temperature

Conductivity temperature coefficients are selectable by brand name,
ensuring high accuracy conductivity measurement.
Pressure Measurement
Provides readings in mmHg, kPa Bar or PSI.
A special mode allows measuring of the pressure drop.
The HDM97BQ and HDM97BO versions can be delivered with
a higher pressure measurement accuracy via an option, which allows
the calibration of blood pressure measurement devices in accordance with
DIN EN 1060 standard.
For the calibration of blood pressure measurement devices we offer a
calibration set according to EN1060.

For more details, please refer to
"How to calibrate blood pressure measuring devices"

Flow Measurement  
We provide an option for the
HDM97BQ that provides readings
in ml/min as well as showing the accumulated value.

More details on flow sensors.

Stop Watch  
The stop watch function allows accurate time measurement
to 100 m/sec. resolution.
Field Calibration HDM97Pocket meters can quickly and easily be adjusted and calibrated in the field,
thus minimising loss of time.
USB-Interface USB 2.0 - electrically insulated in accordance with ISO 60601-1.
Data exchange with other software is possible via the USB-Interface.
See also Data Acquisition


Manufactured under certified quality management system in accordance to
ISO13485 standard.

Registered as a medical device in USA and Canada.
Sensor connectors  
HDM97BQ   HDM97BQ with Option C  (Connector for Conductivity probe)
Technical Data
Conductivity 4 measuring ranges - Quadropole electrode
Temperature compensation is user-selectable depending on the brand of dialysis machine
Range: 0 to 30.00 mS/cm
Cell constant: typical 0,54 1/cm
Accuracy: 0 to 199 uS/cm ± 0.6 uS/cm
  200 to 1999 uS/cm ± 6 uS/cm
  2 to 11.99 mS/cm ± 0.06 mS/cm
  12 to 15.99 mS/cm ± 0.03 mS/cm
16 to 30 mS/cm ± 0.06 mS/cm

With option C, the conductivity/temperature probe may be disconnected.
See picture above.
This option is available for all meters.

Temperature Sensor integrated in the conductivity electrode
Range: 0...100 C
Resolution: 0.01 C
Accuracy:  0.1 C 
Pressure  Reading selectable as mmHg, kPa, Bar or PSI

Version HDM97BQ and BO

Range:   -700 to + 1900 mmHg, 2 Bar
Resolution:   0.1 mmHg
Accuracy:   0 ... 300 mmHg 1 mmHg
otherwise 2 mmHg
    in temperature range 20 to 23 C
Ceramic sensor fluid resistant

Option H with higher accuracy
Range:   -700 to + 1900 mmHg, 2 Bar
Resolution:   0.01 mmHg
Accuracy:   0 ... 300 mmHg 0.5 mmHg,
1000 ... 1900 mmHg 2 mmHg
otherwise 1 mmHg
    in temperature range 20 to 23 C
Sensor not fluid resistent
Flow    Only Version BQ
Range: 100 ... 2000 ml/min
Resolution:  1 ml/min
Accuracy: 2 % from reading
Power Supply Li-Ion-Polymer battery, rechargeable with 5 V DC, 500 mA
External charger:
Input Voltage 100 245 V / 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 5 V DC, 500 mA
Or via USB-Interface from a computer
Operates up to 200 hours with fully charged battery
Dimensions and Weight 165 x 82 x 33 mm - 6.5" x 3.2" x 1.3
0.4 Kg - 0.88 lbs including probe
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