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Can I connect a HDM97Pocket meter to a computer running Linux?

Yes! Provided the computer has a USB-Interface.

The following lines have been provided by Todd Ballantyne (tballantyne@dekaresearch.com).

In the spirit of open source, here is an easy way to set it up from the command shell,
useful if you have other customers in future using linux.
Load the drivers: $insmod usbserial.ko
$insmod ftdi_sio.ko vendor=0x0127 product=0x0002

Run minicom -s and configure /dev/ttyUSB0 to 9600, 8N1 Exit minicom using the Q option to not reset the serial port on exit

Use echo to send commands and cat to look at the replies:
In one command window issue: .

  cat < /dev/ttyUSB0

In another command window issue:


$echo -e -n "HDMCMO\r\n" > /dev/ttyUSB0
$echo -e -n "HDMEIH\r\n" > /dev/ttyUSB0
$echo -e -n "VAL\r\n" > /dev/ttyUSB0

In the first window you will see the units and data come out when the echo commands are issued.

What if I wish to order several HDM97Pocket meters and want to use IBPView software with all of them,
can I do this with one IBPView license?

In short, no. For every meter a separate license is needed. Every meter needs to be released for the use of
the IBPView software. If you order a meter including IBPView then we will have released the meter prior to shipment.

If, however, you order the software later, you will receive a key to release the meter for the use of the software. 

What is the calibration period of IBP Dialysis Meters?

The calibration period is one year. We recommend to double check the conductivity once per month with a
conductivity reference solution. If biological material grows inside the cell, it could interfere the accuracy
of the conductivity measurement.

We know that competing companies do not recommend a monthly test of the conductivity measurement,
some even offer this as a "feature" of their meters. From our more than 25 years experience in developing
dialysis meters we strongly recommend monthly testing as a safeguard precaution.

  If I send my meter in for calibration, what must I included in my shipment?

As the conductivity electrode is part of the calibration process, it must be included with the meter.
If your meter has a flow probe, it must also be included with your shipment. There is no need to
ship the battery charger or other accessories.

  Why do IBP Meters allow you to select the Temperature Coefficient of the Dialysis Machine to be calibrated?

This is a frequently misunderstood topic that is often neglected in hemodialysis.
Click here to read the background.
PDF (23 kByte)

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